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Our history


With more than 90 years of history, Escovaria de Belomonte stands out in the manual manufacture of brushes of all types.

Founded by Antóno da Silva in Massarelos, in 1927, the company started by producing brooms and industrial brushes, having in 1953 moved to number 34 on Rua de Belomonte where it also started producing brushes for personal use.

In 1979 Fernando Cruz Silva took over the company, continuing his father's work, thus highlighting Escovaria de Belomonte as the only company in the field of brushing to manufacture entirely by hand in Portugal.
The third generation took control of the company in 2007 by the hand of Olinda Silva Rodrigues and, her husband, Rui Rodrigues, these are the names of the guys who gave a new breath to the art of brushing, from design to manual production, through communication.
The fourth generation, Sérgio Silva Rodrigues, is already in the creative direction, drawing new horizons, both for the company and for the art of brushing in general.

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