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The Art of Elevated Functionality: Introducing the Trilogy 01 Collection

Porto, September 16 - We are thrilled to unveil our latest foray into the intersection of functionality and art: the highly anticipated Trilogy 01 Collection. In this artistic journey, simplicity meets sophistication, and functionality transcends its conventional form.

Simplicity with an Artistic Touch: The Trilogy 01 is a meticulously crafted collection of multipurpose brushes, precision-sculpted from rare woods, including Wenge, Satinwood, and Afzelia. Each piece is a statement of elegant simplicity and elevated functionality.

The Leather Cord as a Distinctive Detail: With a touch of minimalism, Trilogy 01 brushes are adorned with a leather cord that offers an elegant way to display them. This distinctive detail not only elevates the aesthetic but also underscores the craftsmanship essence of each piece.

Functional Sculptures: More than mere brushes, these are functional sculptures meant to transform everyday experience into a celebration of moving art. Every detail, every subtle texture is a palette for creativity.

An Affirmation of Art and Style: The Trilogy 01 Collection is an affirmation of personal style and an appreciation for beauty in the simplest of things. It is an invitation to collectors, aesthetics enthusiasts, and connoisseurs of exceptional objects.

Acquire your unique piece from the Trilogy 01 and elevate your everyday life to a new level of style and functional art.

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